Top Ten Amazon Products for Toddlers

Here we are again with Baby #3–firmly in the Curious Toddler Stage. 

This is also known as: The Oh-Crap-My-House-is-a-Disaster-Zone-Again Stage; the DON’T-GO-NEAR-THE-STAIRS!!!! Stage; or the Dear-God-Can-You-Please-Stop-Ripping-Off-Your-Diaper Stage.

Please feel free to use any or all interchangeably.

Concurrent with said (crazy) stage, I have returned to a trusted battery of toddler products that helps us get through these days with a little less mess, and a little more sanity.

But just a little. (I’m not a magician, after all.)

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Learning Tower

I got several questions about this last time I put it on Instagram Stories, so I wanted to share it again! This is called a Learning Tower, and it’s an adjustable stand that lets your toddler be at counter-height with you in the kitchen or any other room that has a countertop surface.

Can I just say, my kids love this. From the age when they could walk, I put them in here while I’m cooking or cleaning up in the kitchen, and it allows them to feel like such a part of the goings-on, that I swear it makes them happy. You can plop an iPad in front of them or even a bowl with a little bit of water to make them feel like they’re “cooking” with you… Whatever you want to do to keep them occupied. I promise, this makes life with a little one that much easier!

I heard somewhere that learning towers are encouraged by certain Montessori learning programs. The thought is that putting them in a position to be hands-on helps them to learn. If there are any Montessori experts out there, I’d love to hear your thoughts on this! Either way, this is one of my all-time top product suggestions for toddler moms. A true worthwhile buy!

Suction-Bottom Bowls

Bowls with suction cups on the bottom. Need I say more? (Your floors will thank you.)

Honest Overnight Diapers

They came, they saw, they peed through them. “They” are my kids, and “them” are diapers. Like, every brand of overnight diapers.

We are Pampers people through and through for the daytime hours (love me some Pampers Pure fragrance-free diapers for the waking hours!), but when it comes to getting through the night, no other diaper has performed as well for us as these ones from Honest. Give them a try and see; you just might end up switching, too.

Protective iPad Case

Judge away, judgers: I’m a Screen Time Mom. I dose out screen time with reckless abandon… and you will too, once you start to realize that you will never pee alone again unless those little eyes are trained on something more entertaining. Like Blippi. (Dear God, so much Blippi.)

This case is great because it has wide handles for a good grip, and it also stands up on its own.

Moccasins by Freshly Picked

You do not know frustration until you attempt to shove a tiny shoe onto a tiny (does-not-want-to-be-shod) foot.

Enter Freshly Picked moccasins. Not only are they sick adorable, but they’re also super easy to get on and off, and they also have a soft but durable rubber sole that helps your new walker to get a good grip on the ground while learning how to walk. Quickly. Away from you. Toward the nearest staircase.

Table Toppers

When you go out to eat with a toddler, chances are there’s going to be a lot of grabbing involved. They’re not the best with utensils (by “not the best,” I mean “they act like they don’t exist”), so the food ends up lots of other places except their mouths. These table toppers not only protect the surface of the table, but they also allow for quick cleanup after eating. Just slide all the half-eaten Cheerios and pieces of scrambled egg onto the top of it, scrunch it up, and pitch it out!

Plush Chair

Toddlers like to up onto things. Onto everything. Like, all the time. It’s not so heart-attack-inducing when said thing is a plush chair. We’ve had these for all of the kids and have gotten tons of use out of them. These versions are both adorable! Pink one here, and striped one here.

Stainless Steel Sippy Cups

These sippy cups are durable, keep cold liquids cold, and for anyone concerned about kids drinking out of plastic cups, stainless steel is the answer.

We’ve had these versions from Kleen Kanteen for about four years now, and they’re still in great shape! Note: They do dent if dropped onto a hard surface (Read: We are clumsy so all of ours are now in the shape of octagons), but they still work well and can also be put into the dishwasher. Love these so much!

Pink Himalayan Salt Lamp

Call me crazy, call me silly, call me Queen of Woo Woo, but I believe in the positive health benefits of a Himalayan salt lamp. That, in addition to the fact that the cast the most soothing pink glow over a room at nighttime, means that I have one of these in each of the kids’ rooms. (They love them, too.)

Custom Name Puzzles

These customized puzzles are a great way for your toddler to get familiar with the look of his or her name and all the letters in it. They love fitting in the pieces, and my kids also loved knowing it was special because it was just theirs.

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