This is 37 (and My Favorite Affordable Clothing Line)

Do you know any Fabulous Birthday People?

They’re the friends on your feed or in real life who always have–as the name indicates–fabulous birthdays. Let me rephrase that: faaaaaaaabulous birthdays. They drink mimosas on rooftop lounges for brunch. They stuff a limo full of best friends and drive around to all the hot spots in town. They travel to a cute Air BNB with a group of girlfriends for the weekends in some quaint Southern town.

I, unequivocally, am not a Fabulous Birthday Person. With the exception of a few recent years, I mostly end up ringing in the start of another revolution around the earth with some vanilla buttercream cake, my husband and as many carbs as can fit onto a dinner plate.

Indeed, I fall squarely into the Boring Birthday Person category.

This isn’t to say that one way is better than the other; both ways of celebrating have their merits. And in an honest moment, I can say I actually kind of wish I were a Fabulous Birthday Person. But alas, one of my strengths is knowing my strengths, and planning anything not directly related to the health and well being of my children is not a strength of mine. (And even at that, I miss their doctor’s appointments more times than I care to admit.)

So this year, in true Boring Birthday Person fashion, we celebrated my 37th (!!!) year with the only things I really needed to feel festive–a plate full of shrimp fra diavolo tossed into some linguine, the company of my sister, a Sunday brunch and some really special moments with our little tribe.

I’m sure you all probably feel the same way, but with every year that passes, I find myself a little more comfortable in owning all the parts of me–quirks and not-so-great qualities included. So, in celebration of another year and so many lessons learned, here are some things I feel like I’ve learned by 37, and some things I’d like to learn over the course of the next year.

Things I’m A-Okay with at 37:

  • My uncanny tendency to forget things
  • My three minions and my husband
  • Not being the “most [anything]” person in the room–fill in with “organized,” “intelligent,” “successful,” “popular,” etc etc etc. (Code speak for my IDGAF is at its peak.)
  • Going out of the house with little or no makeup
  • Turning off my computer or phone and relaxing instead when all my brain is telling me to do is work work work and then work some more
  • Being 37. Am never quite sure of those people who like to flub their age or lie about it outright. What’s so wrong with getting older? Too many wonderful people have been denied the privilege. I’ll take this year–and every year beyond it–with a grateful heart.

Things I’d Like to Work on at 37:

  • My uncanny tendency to forget things
  • Blocking and scheduling my time better, in order to be more productive
  • My photography skills
  • Scheduling more time with my girlfriends, whether it be out of town trips or here at home
  • Working out regularly, not just when I manage to scrape together an hour, like nowadays

Right before my birthday, I picked up this BB Dakota top and have been wearing it on heavy rotation since then.

BB Dakota is one of my favorite lines for on-trend and affordable clothes. I wore their clothes all the time when I was working in TV, and find that so many of their pieces are great for work or play. And as a big bonus, their fabrics are always so soft and most of their pieces are washable. (HUGE benefit for someone like me who hates dry cleaning for many reasons!)

So if you need something for an upcoming event–like, say, a birthday party  — definitely check them out!

Shirt // Jeans // Shoes

Here are some other super cute BB Dakota pieces:

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