Holiday Gift Guide: The Beauty Addict

The Beauty Addict Gift Guide - Sonni

Anyone who ever gets my name in a grab bag now officially knows: The 100% safe bet in buying for me is to snap up a beauty product.

I have tried so. many. times to conquer my product obsession–and there have been times I made decent progress in paring down my routine–but at the end of the day it turns out I’m just a giant product addict.

So if you’ve got a sick friend like me who you’re buying for this year, look no further! This is my list of tried-and-true favorites. Every single one of the items on this list has been used–and loved–by yours truly.

And before we continue, just a note: I don’t put just any product on this list. It’s got to be something I’ve used repeatedly and seriously loved to make it. Can’t recommend just any random product to you guys, you know. 😉

The Beauty Addict Gift Guide

The Beauty Addict Gift Guide

1 // Crystal Facial Roller

(Read my review and thoughts on jade rolling here!)

2 // Drunk Elephant Skincare Kit (featuring Sukari Babyfacial)

(The Sukari Babyfacial literally removes the top layer of your skin. More here!)

3 // Indie Lee Clarity Kit

(Read my review of this trio here!)

4 // SKII Pitera Welcome Skincare Kit

(Read more about what an essence is, and why they rock, here.)

5 // Beautycounter Velvet Eyeshadow Palette in Iconic

6 // CHI Tourmaline Curling Iron

(See my tutorial on how to get super natural waves here!)

7 // Beautycounter Shimmer & Shine Body Set

8 // Charlotte Tilbury Icons Duo

9 // Tatcha Bestsellers Kit

(And more on why oil cleansing–featuring the Tatcha cleansing oil in this kit–is THE BEST, right here.)

10 // Teleties

(…and why I love them, here.)


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