How (and Why) to Try a Bright Pink Lipstick this Winter

Like the song says, sometimes “You gotta make your own sunshine.” And this winter, when the gray weather is bringing you down, I have a simple antidote–a bright pink lip!

It won’t fix life’s problems or help you get out the door without the requisite daily craziness, but damn it if it doesn’t feel great sometimes to slap on some bright lips and pretend like you’ve got your stuff together.

I put on this neon pink lippie the other day and no fewer than five people commented on the bright shade, so I figured I’d put up a quick post on how to pick the right shade to rock this winter!


Here are some basic rules I follow when wearing a bright lip:

Go basic with your wardrobe palette

When your lips are (literally) doing all the talking, consider a monochromatic outfit to really make it pop, and to prevent the look from being too overpowering.

I love this lace sweatshirt by Kinly with a nice pair of black ripped jeans. Here are some similar options (some as low as $14)!

Choose a Moisturizing Formula

The last thing you want with a bright lipstick is to see dry, cracked lips. So make sure you pick one with a moisturizing base that will keep you hydrated!

Pick Your Palette–Warm or Cool?

Choosing the right shade of bright lipstick will be contingent on knowing which category your skin falls into–warm or cool?

The rule of thumb? Flip over your forearm and take a peek at the visible veins on your wrist. If they appear bluish, you’re likely cool-toned. If they appear to be more on the green spectrum, you’re likely warm-toned.

This article also has some great tips for discovering your undertones.

I lean on the cooler side, and here are some of my favorite bright lip hues!

Have any favorite bright pink shades? Let me know more in Comments below!


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