IV Therapy Could Be the Next Best Thing to Coffee for Tired Moms

I was a late adopter of coffee. I know, weird, right? For years I went just for unsweetened green tea, and not even because I needed caffeine boost, but because I enjoyed it. Then I had kids and I was like, Okay, all the coffee right now please and thank you. Well now I am happy to report there is one thing that might be the next best thing to coffee for tired moms. And that is IV Therapy.

Because I am pretty much a walking lab rat and will try just about anything that claims to help with my pernicious and enduring exhaustion, I tried IV therapy. And I loved it.

But let’s back up first and talk basics, shall we?

What is IV Therapy?

IV therapy is an intravenous infusion of vitamins to your system that’s aimed at improving your health and giving you a boost of energy.

Think of it as a shot to your system (No, not that kind of shot–hello, Patrón, and yes, I still love you) that can be tailored to meet your immediate health and wellness needs.

How Does It Work?

When you check in, you get a sheet where you can check boxes for symptoms you’re dealing with, or other health issues you want to be addressed holistically.

Then the doctor reviews your issues and tells you all the vitamin infusion you’ll get. That’s when the nurse steps in to get you prepped. She’ll put your port in (major labor and delivery flashbacks! Ha!), and then lead you to The Pod of Ultimate Relaxation. (Not the official name, but I’m going with it.)

That’s when you can sit back, relax, hook up your music to the speakers, and let the goodness of the vitamins take over!

So What Does It Feel Like?

I’ll give you more details on this part when Part Two of the video comes out, but suffice it to say that I felt an immediate difference in my energy level. Like, it felt as though someone poured black coffee straight into my veins, but without the jitters, the sweats and all the other nasty stuff that comes along with a caffeine overload. Pure energy. I can’t wait to show you guys, but in the meantime, that’s what I’ll say about that!

Who Should Try IV Therapy?

People who are active need extra energy

Why? Over the past 10 years, it’s come to light that the release of energy from bad mitochondria means people aren’t moving as fast as they used to.

So what can help with this? Dr. Ivanov says B vitamins can be helpful with this. So we included those in my infusion.

What did I feel? It’s almost an immediate boost of energy. It was like someone had instantly granted me eight hours rest (which I can tell you definitely did not happen the night before!)

Why IV Therapy?

  • It goes right into your cells, rather than having to go through your system for digestion and processing like a supplement would
  • It’s customizable: The doctor comes up with a combination specific to your needs
  • Better absorption: Dr. Ivanov says that with supplements, only about 20% absorbs into the system, while with IV therapy more can be absorbed because 100% of the nutrient is available immediately
  • It’s relaxing: The whole experience is so zen, guys. After you get your port put in, you go into a relaxation pod for the infusion.

What Does It Treat? Here are my issues:

  • Exhaustion
  • Brain fog (short-term memory is history, can’t remember certain words)

So What Infusion Did I Get?

Vitamin C: A major building block of collagen, an immune booster and a potent antioxidant that’s great in the system as well as topically on the skin (but that’s another post).

Vitamin B Complex: This is for that immediate and lasting boost of energy. Dr. Ivanov calls it “zen energy”–not the type of caffeine-spiked jolt that will keep you up and jittery, but a long-lasting, continuous source of energy to get you through your day.

Gluathione: An antioxidant that helps with energy, athletic performance and overall health.

“You can’t choose. You can choose sprinkles on your cupcakes at a cupcake shop, but you need a doctor to sit down, look through your history, even drill down to the labs and make a comprehensive consultation, evaluation and treatment plan for you.” –Dr. Olga Ivanov, IV Lounge Orlando

And you can even bring in your own blood labs and Dr. Ivanov will review them for you to find out what could help the most.

So What Did I Think?

Great question. 😉 Covering that in-depth in Part Two of my video series, which is coming soon!

Meantime, enjoy Part One, and see you soon!


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