Life Update + My Go-To (Affordable) Brand for Cute Tops

Life Update + My Go-To (Affordable) Brand for Cute Tops

Does anyone else feel like they need a weekend to recover from the weekend? Or is that just me, because my toddler just peed all over the floor then proceeded to roll herself in it?

Anyone? Bueller??


We had quite the fun-filled weekend! We were brave and did a Disney day this past Saturday, taking the kids to Hollywood Studios for a morning and afternoon.

It was really fun, but it’s crazy how the parks are crowded all the time, no matter the month. There used to be a time when you could snag a slower weekend, but it seems like even during the “off” months, it’s always crowded these days.

My husband got us FastPasses for a few rides–The Voyage of the Little Mermaid (a live-action show); Disney Junior Dance Party (like a rave for little kids, sans all the hallucinogens and bad music); Toy Story Mania (ALL HAIL THE REIGNING POP-GUN CHAMP); and Frozen Sing Along Celebration (another live-action show).

Quick side note: If you have plans to come to Orlando for any theme parks this spring or summer, it pays to plan ahead! You seriously have to do Fast Passes at Disney if you have any hope of getting on multiple rides on a busy day. Thank God my husband is so good at that.

Speaking of my better half…

I finally managed to convince him to record a podcast with me! When I tell you it is akin to bamboo torture for him just to get him to appear on my IG Stories, I’m not kidding, so you can imagine the lobbying I had to do to get him to sit behind a podcast mic for almost an hour.

But guys, it was so fun! I actually got him to open up!

He’s seriously the smartest and funniest person (I know–GAG–I’ll stop with the spouse talk already), but seriously, we laughed so much! And he may or may not have revealed some embarrassing stories about me for posterity. (Definitely did.)

That episode is coming out later this week, so definitely keep an eye out for it! And don’t forget to Subscribe while you’re there! I’ve got great weekly interviews and content coming out, including my latest episode where I talk with Grounding Roots founder Amanda Sosa Stone about chronic illness, healing with natural supplements, motherhood and more.

Okay, let’s talk spring–specifically, beefing it up in time for the new season.

Getting Prepped for Spring Style

Meantime, has spring weather arrived where you are? In Florida we live in a state of permanent sunshine, so I’ve been beefing up my wardrobe for a while now with some great pieces I can wear for spring and summer.

I shot this top a while ago and have been meaning to post about it, because I just love it. It’s super feminine–love the flowy hem–super comfortable, and a neutral color that you can wear with just about any bottom.

I’ve worn this with a black leather mini, black jeans and regular jeans. The options are endless!

Nude top and black pants outfit
My Favorite Affordable Brand for Spring by Sonni Abatta
My Favorite Affordable Brand for Spring

Unfortunately this one is out of stock, but J.O.A. has become one of my go-to brands for going-out tops that are affordable and on-trend. Lots of their pieces trend feminine, and I just love pairing them with something more structured on the bottom for a cute contrast.

This one is has a similar flirty vibe, and this one too.

And the best part about their styles? They’re all super affordable! Seriously, check them out. They’re the perfect brand to try when you want to add a little flair to your closet without investing too much money.

Check Out What Else I Love from JOA!


Do you have any favorite style pieces for spring? What brands or styles are you loving? Let me know in Comments below!

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