Three Natural Toothpastes to Try Today

If you’ve “greened” much of your beauty routine already, one of the final frontiers is oral care.

I’ve decided to go fluoride-free for several reasons, the biggest of which is that I’ve found alternatives I feel keep my teeth just as healthy, without the history of debate over ingredient safety.

I would never encourage anyone to change up their dental habits if they’re not ready and interested in exploring alternatives. But I can tell you definitively that in the years that I’ve been incorporating my fluoride-free toothpastes into my oral care routine, I’ve gotten no new cavities (while I was using a common toothpaste brand for years I was getting cavities), and I also consistently have great dental checkups.

Of course when it comes to your own health-related choices, you do what you feel is best, but I’m here to tell you that there are great natural, fluoride-free toothpaste formulas that do perform!

Worth mentioning: I don’t use fluoride-free toothpastes 100% of the time. I occasionally rotate in my Arm & Hammer because I love the feel of baking-soda-clean teeth, but for the most part, I’m loving the natural toothpaste.

So let’s dive into specifics:

This is my newest fluoride-free toothpaste discovery, and I am seriously loving it!

First things first: It has a strong mint flavor, which I’ve found is hard to accomplish in a natural formula. What I like even more about Boka is that it contains nano-hydroxyapatite (n-Ha), which they claim can help to remineralize your teeth.


The proprietary ingredient in this formula is called Rennou, a non-toxic formula which Theodent says will remineralize, as well as help with tooth sensitivity.

I used the Crystal Mint version and really like it. It’s got a solid mint flavor and has a little bit of grit to it, which gives you that extra-clean feeling on your teeth.

And a big bonus about this brand–they also make a Chocolate Chip flavor (also fluoride-free), which my kids LOVE.


This is another good option for a natural toothpaste with a freshening kick. Although I found that the mint flavor isn’t as strong in this formula as it is with the others, it’s still very refreshing overall.

And most importantly, you get that super-clean feeling with this formula too.

Have you ever tried a fluoride-free toothpaste? If not, would you? Let me know your thoughts and experiences in Comments below!


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