Sleep better TONIGHT. And is Melatonin Safe to Use for Kids?

3 Ways to Sleep Better Tonight by Sonni Abatta

Listen guys, I’m no MD, and if I’m being completely 💯 with you, the truest and best way to sleep like a baby every night is to actually HAVE a baby.

That being said, I totally get if you prefer a more streamlined way to catch some z’s than gaining 50 pounds and pushing a tiny human out of your vagina. So therefore, today’s topic.

3 Ways to Sleep Better Tonight

3 Ways to Sleep Better Tonight

1 – Melatonin

Good Day Chocolate makes the BEST 1 mg melatonin-infused chocolate candies. I get the kids’ ones and take either a half, or a full one, at nighttime if I need to take the edge off and fall asleep relatively quickly.

It also acts as an extra little late-night chocolate treat which is always #bonuspoints in my book.



If you also use melatonin for kids and have wondered whether or not it’s safe to use, and how frequently it would be safe to use if you do, this is what Good Day Chocolate had to say about it:

To address the habit-forming claim, this is from our own Dr. Andy:

We don’t recommend taking melatonin daily for extended periods of time (more than 1-2 weeks) without consulting a physician. If you were to take big enough doses of melatonin over a extended period of time, your brain would start to make less melatonin, as it would become acclimated to the amount you’re taking. Once you stopped taking the melatonin (if you were taking it for a long period of time) your body would start to make its own again. You would have an adjustment period where you would have less being produced until your brain started to make more to catch up with its normal production.”

2 – Mushrooms

I’m on the Four Sigmatic bandwagon, and I’m not getting off anytime soon. One packet of the Mushroom Hot Cacao Mix, blended into a few ounces of boiling hot water, is my jam. It’s like a calorie- and sugar-free hot chocolate. Get on it; thank me later.

3 – Meditation and/or Mindful Breathing

I KNOW I KNOW I KNOW. One more Basic B online being all, “I meditate!!!!”, buuuuut a little meditative moment does go a long way.

This doesn’t have to be full-on, sitting-criss-cross, eyes closed, chanting and burning incense, but pausing at the end of the day to just be still does work. My favorite starter book on (chanting-based) meditation is The Buddha in Your Mirror, which provides a great, basic-level introduction to Nichiren Buddhism and chanting.

But if the idea of real-deal meditation turns you off, mindful breathing is another great way to slow down the engine and relax for sleep. The 4-7-8 Method is a super basic and effective way to put you to sleep.

Is Melatonin Safe for Kids?

That’s it! Three ways to sleep better tonight, no (adorable but exhausting) babies required!

What’s your foolproof way of getting great sleep? I’d love to know. Let me know in Comments below!

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