The Perfect Product to Give Your Face a Natural Tan for Summer

Natural Tan for Summer - drunk elephant d bronzi serum review

Fact: I used to get the unlimited package at the tanning salon and bake myself every. single. day. before prom back in high school. Dear GOD, we 90s children are going to singlehandedly keep dermatologists in business for the next three decades, I swear. But because we all want a natural tan look for the face without the side dish of 1,000 wrinkles, I have a great product rec for you today.

The best thing? It’s one product, and it’s super simple to use!

Say hello to the Drunk Elephant D-Bronzi Anti-Pollution Sunshine Drops.

This tube is pretty much sunshine in a bottle. I have it on my vanity all summer long.

Note: This is NOT a tanning product, meaning it will not tan your skin as a product with DHA will. This is a bronzing product. And it’s amazing.

But it’s different from other bronzing products in one important way: It actually melts into your skin, because you mix it with your skin care.

The Perfect Product to Give Your Face a Natural Tan for Summer

Here’s how to use it:

1 – Put your daily SPF into the palm of your hand

2 – Add one pump of D-Bronzi

Here’s the key: Make sure the ratio is about two parts of sunscreen to one part D-Bronzi. You don’t want too much bronzer or it will look too dark!

3 – Mix together, apply to face. No need for foundation or tinted moisturizer!


Now I know some of you will be all, “But Sonni, I like products that actually tan my face, and aren’t just bronzers.”

To which I will say, “Great! Those are amazing too, but this product is great because you don’t have to wait for it to work. You get a glow right away without having to wait for the active ingredient to take effect, like you do with a tanning product.”

And you all know I love me a physical sunblock, which tend to be a little white upon application. So this product is the perfect offset to all my daily SPF moisturizers, giving my skin a great natural tan and eliminating that white cast right away!

In fact, on days when I mix this with my SPF, I don’t even wear a tinted moisturizer or sunscreen, because it gives me such a natural, glowy look.

I’m serious, try this one! It’s the perfect product for summer to add to your routine.

Happy (bronzed) summer! What products do you like that add a little bronzy glow?


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