24 Week Check-In

It sounds like I’m far along–and looks like it too–but then I realize I have 16 weeks left and think, “Nope, lady. You’ve got some more baby hauling to do.”

Feeling: Energetic during the day, near-comatose as soon as the sun sets. Also, so, so excited when I feel this little acrobat baby doing her flips and turns at night.

Doing: 3x/week Barre 3 classes (shockingly, keeping my New Year’s resolution so far!); and toddler wrangling all day, every day.

Craving: Kix cereal with 2% milk, consumed only at night and after a full dinner + dessert

Buying: Surprisingly, nothing yet, especially considering we have thrown away every. last. baby. item. from our house approximately two months before getting pregnant. (Translation: I am collecting Buy Buy Baby 20% off coupons and storing them away like a squirrel stashing nuts.)

Still open to any and all advice from moms and dads on the transition from 2 to 3 kiddos! See you soon!

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