3 Fun Things for Kids Who Are Still in Lockdown

We are now officially in month 629, Day 4,533 of the year 2020… and yet somehow it is still only June.

Is lockdown over for you? Andrew and I are slowly re-integrating to the world around us, but the kids for the most part have been staying home. As a result, we are finding all sorts of ways to pass the time at home. Here are 3 fun things we are doing that might help you pass the (endless) time, too!

3 Fun Things for Kids Still in Lockdown

3 Fun Things for Kids Still in Lockdown picture this dress review

This has been such a hit, we’re already on Round 2! My 5-year-old has insisted on designing a “princess-style dress” this time around (see my handiwork above); and she and my 3-year-old have worn their first creations so much already that they’re already starting to fade in the wash.

How it works:

You print out a template online. Decide what it is you want to design–a dress (they make both kids and adults, so you can match!); a t-shirt; leggings; beanies; a face cover; a doll dress; a scrunchie… There are so many cute options!

Color in the template, upload your picture to the site, and the item is delivered right to your door! I’ll post a pic on Instagram of our new creation when it arrives. 🙂

Bonus! Get 15% off your order through June 21 (gift cards included!) with code DAD15!

I’m not telling you anything you don’t already know… This bad boy is legit! Classic for a reason. We set this up in the corner of the backyard and the kids are out there now all the time. There’s nothing like saying, “Go play in the backyard!” and actually having them be able to do it.

Pro tip: Give the kids some dish soap and let them “clean up” on the slip ‘n slide for a while. Or just create a massive, free-form bubble bath. This move alone has bought us an extra hour of play time.

3 Fun Things for Kids Still in Lockdown monopoly cheaters edition

I’m not saying my 7-year-old is a criminal in the making, but I am saying he is eerily good at Monopoly: Cheaters Edition. While I’m locking down Baltic Avenue, he’s locking down Boardwalk.

But seriously, we have SO much fun with this game. Great for helping them learn to count money, too! The only downside is, I have to put the younger ones on an iPad or TV show so we can play. But it’s worth it for a little one-on-one time.

How are you all passing the days? I’d love some new ideas on how to keep the kids occupied! Drop your thoughts and tips below, in Comments!


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