3 Ways to Stay Inspired

Working outside of a traditional office setting can be somewhat of a challenge.

Just ask me when it’s 4pm, the kids are “skiing” down the couch cushions, and the baby is eating day-old puffs from the floor as she crawls around below me.

But I started blogging in order to share advice, stories and inspiration, and I’m finding that I am constantly having to reinvent my work process so I can stay as productive as possible.

So here are three ways I stay productive, even when chaos surrounds me (read: ALL THE TIME).

3 Ways to Stay Productive, Even with Kids

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Unplug When You Can (Even If It’s Just for a Minute)

I try to designate a small period of time during the day where I can just sit in quiet. Typically it’s when I’m driving. I will turn off the radio, silence my phone and just breathe deep and drive. Allowing your mind to disengage from all of the stimuli that surround you recharges the battery. Think of it as wiping your whiteboard clean at the beginning of the day. When you clear your headspace and open yourself up to what’s around you, you not only recharge your energy and focus, but you also increase your chances of finding inspiration for your next project.

Encourage and Connect with Others

This is something that never fails to surprise me, and I often wonder why I don’t do it more frequently. (The answer to that is probably “because kids.” But anyhow.) Every time I meet someone who’s either in or outside my field and talk with them about their process, I leave feeling inspired. It’s so refreshing to hear how someone else is doing their thing, and I even pick up some productivity tips.

So how can this work for you? Maybe it means taking a chance and reaching out by email to someone in your business whose work you’ve long admired. Maybe you set up a lunch with someone in a field that interests you, to pick their brain. Social media connects us all; use it to your advantage, and find a way to connect with people who inspire you.

I recently had coffee with a fellow blogger, Erika, from My Revamped Life and we chatted about all sorts of things both work- and non-work-related, and she got me inspired to include a whole new type of content on my blog. I also got to learn about her work journey and how she got to where she is. All good things!

Lesson? Reach out and be inspired!

Remember Why You Started

When you’re navigating life’s daily stresses, it can be easy to lose sight of why you started pursuing your chosen career or job. If you’re having a moment when you feel frustrated or overwhelmed, remember back to that first day on the job or that first post, and the feeling you had when you finished your first project or hit Publish on your first post.

Finish this sentence: “I started this job/project because ___.” Write it on a slip of paper, and keep it near your workspace. Pick it up and read it during a stressful moment, when you need a reminder of why you’re doing what you’re doing.

This has always been a space where I have loved sharing all the stories of motherhood, beauty, style and more, and I hope to keep it that way!

How do you stay inspred? Let me know in Comments below!

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Sonni Abatta is a mom of three and Orlando-based lifestyle and mom blogger. Let’s work together! Reach out here.

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