33 Weeks and (She’s) Kickin’

This is going to sound like whining…

…and I swear it’s not, but… maybe it kinda is? Okay sorry. It’s whining.

I am so tired.

Here in the land of 33 Weeks Pregnant with Two Toddlers, things are starting to fall apart. I don’t mean that figuratively, because all the important stuff is intact; I mean it literally. As in, my poor aching bones. I cried for absolutely no reason for the third time this weekend and it just felt so good, I may have to do it again. For no reason.

On a much sweeter note, at this 33-week mark, my baby newsletter tells me sweet baby girl is the size of a pineapple. This is adorable to me for the reason that the kids love pineapple and it makes me think of them, but then it’s kind of horrifying to me because HOLY GOD, THERE IS SOMETHING THE SIZE OF A PINEAPPLE THAT I WILL SOON HAVE TO EXPEL FROM MY BODY.

Other 33 week things:

  • My wrists are too swollen to wear my watch, which Baby Center tells me is due to tissues in my body retaining more fluid than normal. My ankles are swollen so when I am wearing the one pair of heels that still fit (and this is only when absolutely necessary, like for a dressy event), I can no longer zip them up in the back and therefore have now officially become The Pregnant Lady Bursting Out of Her Clothing and Also: I do not care.
Hello, you little miracle worker you
  • My baby newsletters are all, “You should be washing your baby’s clothes so they’re ready for the nursery!” And I’m all, “What nursery?”

So that’s the latest, my friends! You’ll find me over here, kicking up my feet, catching up on Big Little Lies (GO WATCH NOW), and just getting ready for this next little blessing by doing absolutely nothing. Man, this feels good.

See you soon!

(Sonni Abatta is an Orlando mom & lifestyle blogger of 2 who writes about lifestyle and mom-related topics.)

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