34 Weeks and My Unabashed Love of Home Goods

Don’t let the calm strolling-through-the-park picture at the top of this post fool you. I am in full-on crisis mode.

Okay, maybe “crisis” is a strong word, but “nearly losing my mind” might cover it.

Remember how I told you we are wildly unprepared for Baby #3? As in, still no car seat, no stroller, just registered for the hospital last week, so far only-have-gifted-clothing for her, “wildly unprepared?” Well, this weekend we decided to do something about it.

In a span of a day and a half, we took on the monstrous of project of doing the nursery. As in, doing the  whooooole thing. In a day and a half’s time.

I won’t delve into the cavalcade of follies that ensued as a result, but let me offer this hard-earned advice:  This is not something I suggest for someone with a failing back who is carrying an extra 40 pounds. Who also has two toddlers. Two toddlers you allow to stay in the house while you perform said work. And then who get into the charcoal from the grill on the back deck and end up mixing it with water and making a FULL ON MUD BATH in the baby pool and literally dive face-first into it.

(That did happen. And so did a midday bubble bath to clean them up. But that’s neither here nor there.)

What is here—as in right here, in my house, and dear God am I grateful for it—is a boatload of new Home Goods purchases that I made tonight to add some finishing touches to the baby’s nursery that have made all the difference in the world. And all for less than $250. I’m talking three big paintings (two framed), a floor lamp, a throw blanket, two throw pillows, an animal beanbag thingy, curtains, a curtain rod and four ah-dorable infant outfits.

Home Goods, will you marry me?

You guys? Seriously. I couldn’t be happier if you told me the baby was just going to up and walk out on her own.

Okay wait yes, I would be happier with that than my Home Goods haul. But only by a little bit.

So I am going to leave you with this Before picture of our playroom/not-quite-nursery, and hopefully in a week—because I still have to have the curtain rod installed and the drapes put up and a few other touches to finish—I will have the After picture ready to post.

For now, feast your eyes on the Before:

“Before.” Or, “Nothing Nursery about this Picture Except the Crib”

I can feel you judging me.

But new and better pictures are coming! I promise!

Til then, my friends…

Sonni Abatta is a mom of  (almost!) 3 who lives in Orlando and runs a mom and lifestyle blog. Reach out with any story ideas or feedback!

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