4 Must-Practice Habits for Healthy, Glowing Skin

4 Habits for Great Skin

When it comes to good skin, it’s all about the products and the routine. Get the right routine, stick with it, and I promise, you’ll see results!

On that note, I’ve broken it up into four simple steps that you should be incorporating into your routine regularly to see the best results.

Here we go!

1 – Exfoliate

You’ve heard it time and again, but a regular–yet gentle–exfoliation is necessary to get that glow.

I’m not personally a fan of physical exfoliants (you know, those products with beads or grainy ingredients), because I always end up scrubbing a little too hard and end up with redness, so I’ve found some great chemical exfoliants that get the job done with minimal irritation.

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve probably seen me rave about Drunk Elephant’s Sukari Babyfacial flash mask before. You put this multi-acid blend on a clean, dry face, let it sit for 15-20 minutes, and when you rinse you have smooth, brightened skin. I don’t tend too get too evangelical about products, but if there’s one that I sing from the rooftops, it’s this one.

Use these products 2-3 times per week for the best results!

Blast Off those Dead Skin Cells:


2 – Choose Your Anti-Aging Ingredient

The big dog is a vitamin A product: Think retinoids (prescription) or retinols (over-the-counter).

These products help to encourage the growth of new collagen, and with regular use will also smooth down fine lines. You have to be diligent about using them, and when you stop, the results will likely stop too.

But if you’re just starting, try every other night, or every two nights. As your skin builds up tolerance, you’ll be able to bump up your usage.

Retinol Faves:

3 – Take Your Daily Vitamin


…as in, Vitamin C.

A good antioxidant is key to your morning routine, which of course will also include a good SPF (more on that later).

Vitamin C is the running favorite for a daily skincare antioxidant, because it can boost the protective benefits of your SPF when the two combine forces.

Vitamin C is also known for giving your skin that lit-from-within glow. With my favorite formulas, I notice a brightening effect within the first few days of use.

Use it after cleansing and toning in the morning. If you don’t do a morning cleanse (I don’t always), then just splash your face with water, wipe clean, and use this before your SPF.



4 – Defend Against Daily Rays

While it’s important to get your daily Vitamin D, you may want those rays on parts of your body other than your face.

Protect yourself with a lightweight but solid SPF. I’m a physical-sunblock-only kinda gal, so I usually only go with formulations that have zinc oxide or titanium dioxide as their blockers.

I’ve tried scads of products, and these formulations protect while blending beautifully, leaving no white trace.

SPF for Dayssss:


And one more FREE tip for better skin: Don’t wash so much! I usually wash my face only once a day–at night.

Washing less helps to protect the acid mantle on your skin–your skin’s natural protection against environmental aggressors. And less irritation means less inflammation, and that¬†means healthier skin. If you must do something, just splash your face in the morning with some cool water. If there’s one thing that’s made the biggest difference in my skin, practice-wise, it might be this. Try it! You might be surprised at the results!

What’s your routine for great skin? Let me know in Comments below!

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