5 New Uses for Beauty Products You Already Have

I was putting on my makeup the other day and reached for my concealer before I put on my eye shadow, and that’s when I realized, there are so many products that can pull double (or triple!) duty.

I put this list together as a reminder that there’s no need to shop for separate products when items you already have in your drawer can fit the bill. Here are five things I always use in multiple ways!

1 – Concealer as Eyelid Primer

No need to buy separate eye shadow primer! Concealer provides the same staying powder without taking up extra space in your makeup bag. Just stick with a light to medium coverage formulation. If you use a thicker concealer on your lids, it might cause eye shadow to pill.

2 – Bronzer as Contour

Designated contouring kits are everywhere these days, and often times they’re marketed as separate products from bronzers. But you don’t need a designated contour kit to get a natural contoured look. Simply take a densely-packed brush and swipe your bronzer under your cheekbones, then trace it lightly under your jawline for a natural contoured look. Don’t forget to brush it lightly across your hairline on your forehead, too! This is a great article explaining how to do it. A good way to remember where to apply? Dust on a “3!”

3 – Vaseline as Eye Shadow glossifier

Put a bit of Vaseline, Rosebud Salve or the clear version of Glossier’s Balm Dot Com into the palm of your hand along with a tiny bit of mineral eyeshadow (or just ground-up shadow from a pan); mix with your fingertip and apply with your fingertip all over your lid. The slick look is great for poolside or beach days during the summer!

4 – Body Oil as Hair Smoother

If you have dry hair, or your ends are dry, body oil is a great way to add moisture to your hair and to smooth it down. Most body oils don’t have silicone in them so they readily absorb, meaning your hair is getting the benefits of an extra touch of moisture after you heat style! Just make sure you don’t apply anywhere near the roots, as that can weigh hair down. Use from the mid-shaft down, and you should be just fine!

5 – Finishing Powder as Dry Shampoo

In a pinch, a dab of translucent finishing powder is actually genius at absorbing extra oil from your scalp. Use the dauber that comes with it, or put a little powder on a fluffy brush and lightly dust along your hairline.

Do you use products for different things? Let me know more in Comments below!

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