6 Sweet Things for Mom and Baby

Probably because every free minute I have these days, I’m parked on the bed (hello, Pregnancy Back Pains!), I’m doing a lot of browsing online these days. This is good for distraction, and bad for my wallet.

I have a few of the items pictured in this collage, and as for the rest, I’m just really loving them!

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#1 – Blue Floral Pants by PinkBlush Maternity

There is absolutely nothing stylish about me for about, let’s say, 9 months after I have a baby, but these? These make me want to try a little harder to look decent at home.

#2 – White and Gold Swan Swimsuit for Baby

When you have a summertime baby, you need the #1 summertime outfit—the swimsuit. Love the swan and the gold strap detail.

#3 – Navy and Gray Jogger Pants by PinkBlush Maternity

Perfect for the last days of pregnancy as well as the few months after delivery. Love the cut and the material.

#4 – Striped Magnetic Onesie by Magnificent Baby

Magnetic onesies are the one baby item you didn’t know you were looking for, but you need. Trust me. (Since they’re expensive, I only bought a couple and just washed them allll the time.)

#5 – Future Princess President Onesie

Princess or President? Why not both?!

#6 – Bloomer and Headband Set

Always good to have for a newborn photo shoot, I love a bloomer/headband set for little girls. This one on Etsy is only $12 and is simple but still hits all the marks for frilly and fluffy. Because why have a baby girl if you’re not going to dress her up like a little doll at least once?

Off to warm the couch some more! And yes, I know my posts have been verrrrry baby-centric lately, but it’s just kind of what’s on my mind these days. 😉 More topics coming soon!

Lots of love!

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