A Spontaneous (and Hilarious) Conversation with Young Kids about Death

A Spontaneous (and Hilarious) Conversation with Young Kids about Death

If you need a reminder that nearly any topic in life can be entertaining, just hang out with a kid for a while.

They’re frank, they’re candid, and they will say something insanely astute on a topic that makes adults all sorts of anxious like it’s nothing.

I’m honestly considering opening a therapy office staffed entirely by toddlers who can offer stream-of-consciousness, non-sequitur advice on all of life’s Big Issues, because honestly, sometimes they reveal to us that maybe things are a lot simpler than we like to think.

On that note, I present a brief and unedited recent conversation I had with our oldest two kids, ages almost 6 (“A6”) and 4, that deftly ties together two topics you never knew had a common thread–death, and chocolate.

(Man, did I say yet how hysterical kids are?)

Scene: Us (6, 4, and 1.5, on the way to school, passing cemetery)

Almost 6: Mommy, what is that?

Me: That is a cemetery.

A6: What is the cemetery?

Me: That’s where are you go after you die.

A6: I thought you went to heaven?

Me: Yes, your Spirit goes to heaven, but your body stays here.

4-year-old chimes in, points at headstones: Hey! I know what those are!

Me: What?

4: Those are were zombies come from!

A6: Oh yeah! I saw that in a movie once!

Me: What movie?

A6: Thriller!

Brief pause.

A6, thoughtfully: Did you know that mummies are not fiction?

Me: I did!

A6: There are even some mummies in Florida!

Me: Really?

A6: Yes!

4: I know about mummies! Mummies are mommies!

Me: Well, not exactly.

A6: What are they?

Me: Well, in ancient Egypt, when people would die, they would wrap their bodies in long pieces of cloth to preserve them.

A6: What’s preserve?

Me: It’s something they do so they don’t decay.

A6: What’s decay?

Me: Well, it’s kind of when your body melts away.

Another pause, a little longer this time.

4: Melts away? Like when chocolate gets warm?

Me: Yes, exactly. Just like chocolate.

And, scene.

May we all see the world a little simpler today.

To death, and to chocolate!


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  1. I vote for death by chocolate!! I would def make appts at your toddler therapist office. Makes you look at things a little more realistically.

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