In Praise of Ketchup

These are probably glaringly obvious to the more seasoned mothers out there, but I have compiled a list of helpful tips for moms of little ones.

Please, oh wise ones, help me to add on:

1 – They will eat it if it has cheese on it.

2 – They will eat it if it has ketchup on it.

3 – If the sibling has it, they want it. (It = toy, food, mom’s hand, the secret to the universe.)

4 – Put the kid’s best clothes on, because by the time you get around to the “cute dress,” she will have outgrown it. But know that as soon as you put said “cute dress” on, she will immediately spit up on it/stain it with food/try to rip it off.

5 – Boxes are much more interesting than the toys that come in them.

6 – Do not talk about how excited you are they went down for nap at the same time. This is a cry to the universe to wake one up.

7 – Always have a spare diaper/hand wipe/food pouch on hand.

8 – Bribing is AWESOME!

9 – Did I mention how AWESOME bribing is?! Cookies really work for this.

10 – Kiss and hug often. They sometimes look a LOT bigger even the next day.

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