And Now, Back to Your Regularly Scheduled Life

I’m under no delusions that I’m the sanest kid on the block, but I’d like to think that I operate pretty squarely within the Respectably-Functioning Human range on most days.

But guys? Not one day last week.

Picture it: Me. Minivan. Pumping while driving. Sobbing. Hysterically.

While I could lie and tell you that it was because some actual tragedy occurred; it was in fact because I messed up the booking of my son’s birthday party.

Yes, I know this is both completely illogical and also very First World Problems. But my hormones disagree. In fact, my hormones were very clearly telling my brain at that exact moment that the only possible logical thing to do was to call my husband and sob so deeply that I nearly induced cardiac arrest.

And here we have proof that I am very much still on the post-baby, hormonal roller coaster. Just when you think you’re starting to feel like your old self again—and when you are, in fact, feeling pretty damn normal most of the time—these moments happen.

I share this story for two reasons: One, I’m hoping someone will be all, “I’ve been there, sister!” and make me feel less of a Grade A Headcase. And Two, because I tend to think that the overall stress of having three kids under 5 at home for 17 days straight (AKA “holiday break”) has finally gotten to me.

Guys? The holiday break. LONG. So long.

Wonderful? Yes. Awe-inspiring to see the sweet looks on my kids’ faces when they ripped open gifts on Christmas Day? Yes. Nice to spend long days just hanging out in the house playing dolls and dinos? Yes. But also? LOOOOONG.

But we have made it, fellow parents! We’re bruised, we’re bandaged, and we’ve served up nuggets and mac and cheese for dinner a few more times than we’d like, but we made it. And I am here to offer you the giant-est pat on the back followed by the giant-est beverage of your choice to celebrate!


So yes. I’m glad we are back to our normal schedules, because I do have some very exciting stuff planned for this year on the blog, and I have been waiting to give it a proper rollout.

I’ll see you back here with an exciting announcement this week! I can’t wait!

I declare 2018 the Year of Finding Myself Again! … Just not finding myself crying hysterically in my car for no apparent reason again… Okay never mind… See you tomorrow!

Sonni Abatta is a (typically sane) mother of 3, writer and Orlando-based lifestyle and mom blogger. After this holiday break, please feel free to send her lots of chocolates. Or maybe just good vibes. Yeah, that’ll do. Want to work together or just chat? Reach out!


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