Barre for Babies and Mamas

The true test of an effective workout for me these days is:

1 – Can I complete it in an hour or less?

2 – Does it have on-site child care?

3 – Does it keep me in good enough shape to chase around two monsters?

4 – Can I shop afterward at an attached boutique and find awesome things on sale?

(That last may technically be considered unnecessary, but I threw it in because I never knew how well sweat and retail went together until I met Barre 3.)

So you’ve heard me talk before about how barre workouts—specifically, Barre 3—have helped keep me active during my third pregnancy (which isn’t an easy box to check, considering the couch has more lure to me these days than sugar to an ant). And while I’ve given you my own personal reasons as why I like the workout, I wanted to ask a real professional why it seemed to work so well for expectant and new moms.

Lisa Schale-Drake is a Master Trainer with Barre 3, and she took some time to answer some questions for us about why barre-based workouts might be a good consideration for any mom who wants to work up a sweat.

And then there’s the fact that Lisa is a mother of twins, which means she very much has lived the whole “what-the-hell-is-going-on-with-my-body-and-wow-pregnancy-isn’t-as-easy-as-I-thought” thing herself. You can read more about her personal story here if you’d like. But for now, let’s get into the questions!


Barre for Babies & Mamas!

1 – What is it about the Barre 3 workout that makes it safe and effective for expecting moms?

B3 focuses on functional core strength while empowering you to adapt your workout to your needs.  What that means is every move is designed to balance your body and meet you where you are today. What you experience while pregnant is truly unique to each individual and what you need might (literally) change week to week. You can still get the benefits of a workout that will center your mind, give you a deep muscle burn, and an endorphin high!

2 – What should Barre3 mamas (still pregnant) expect during a workout at one of your studios?

Regardless if you can take at one of our local studios or online, you will receive a full body workout that is fun, challenging, and adaptable for you! We make sure each and every person who walks into the studio feels warmly welcomed and fully taken care of, so all you need to do is show up!

3 – How can it help us bounce back after baby?

Keeping your core and posture strong throughout your pregnancy is key to your recovery. We have had many clients who have said that b3 was essential to feeling good and strong both before and after. Our strong focus on breath is also helpful for the pre and post baby anxiety you may experience.

[B]e patient with your body and give it time to heal. As a mom of twins and a Director of Training at Barre3, I personally felt the pressure to bounce back quickly. Once I let that go and focused on what was best for me, that is when I saw the most changes physically and mentally.

4 – How is Barre 3 different from other barre-branded workouts out there?

Every barre-based company is going to have a different approach and feel. We have mad respect for the many programs that are rocking it out there. B3 is different because we adapt for you. Not only will every workout be different, but you will deepen your practice through learning more about what works for your body! We hear all the time that the longer you take b3, the better and harder the workouts get. Basically, you learn to get the most out of them, every single time.  Also, a majority of our workouts can literally be done anywhere.


If you want to read any more about Barre 3, head over to their website!

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