Bingo! This Artist Nails Motherhood

Wanna play a little game of Bingo? Here we go!

…It still counts as Bingo if I have the whole card covered, right?

I was hysterically laughing when I came across this illustration by artist Chelsea Larsson, who clearly has the hilarity of many moms’ breast-pumping realities down pat, as well as just about every other wackadoo scenario that motherhood encompasses.

Here are some other great ones:

For the first-time day care moms (and babies)

For the moms who never again can pee alone… (Read: all moms)

…that is, until school starts

For the moms who prove you can pump and do just about anything else at the same time

And for those of us who have wondered, “How IS this birth thing going to work, anyway?”

There are tons more great illustrations; you should give her a follow on Instagram and get ready for some LOLZ.

But my favorite, by far, is the Bingo! image above, mainly because I had no idea how common it was for so many other women to pump in the strangest of places. I’ve often thought of drawing a map of where my little sidekick has been, as I’m thinking its travel schedule could rival many humans’.

So in the spirit of “Oh, the Places You’ll Pump!”, a little tale of all the wondrous places my pump has seen. (Let’s just say it has an active social calendar.)

  • Indy 500
  • U.S. Open
  • Philadelphia International Airport
  • Hotel bathroom at black-tie gala, Orlando
  • The car (both while moving and while stationary)
  • Destination wedding in Amelia Island
  • Concert (Bruno Mars)
  • Converted audio booth in a TV news station
  • TV news live truck
  • Family party

What’s the saying… If you don’t laugh, your sore nipples will cry?



Happy mothering, my friends.

Damn, we’re an impressive bunch.

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