No More Couch Blankets (and Other Resolutions for 2019)

It’s hard for me to be too deliberate about New Years’s resolutions and all, what with the general and total lack of control I feel in my life (JOKE! …Kind of.), but when I get down to brass tacks I start to realize that I am in dire need of improvement in certain areas of my life–namely organization–and what better time to start pretending I’m someone else than at the start of the new year… amiright?!

The Perfect (Last-Minute) Sparkly New Year's Eve Outfits

In the interest of total transparency, my New Year’s Eve is probably going to look a whole lot like this scene from Home Alone; but on the off chance I’m dragged out of the house to be social, you can bet I will be wearing #allthesequins.

The One Phrase that Changed the Way I Parent

Sometimes I go on this here blog of mine and get ready to dish out some Grade-A Pearls of Wisdom on the art (hah.) of parenting, and then immediately think to myself: “Charlatan! How can someone whose child regularly fishes for invisible toys in public toilets think of herself as any level of parenting ‘expert?!'”

Merry Christmas, from Our Family to Yours!

Sometimes being surrounded by the material gifts this holiday brings always makes me snap back to what matters most, and it’s never what’s under the Christmas tree, but who’s around it.

What a Mom (Really) Wants for Christmas

What a Mom (Really) Wants for Christmas

It’s been a while since I believed in the Big Guy in the Red Suit myself, but having kids has made me appreciate the Christmas season in a whole new light. That being said, if there did happen to be an overweight man with a penchant for red fleece-lined suits living at the northernmost corner of our planet, just waiting with bated breath to grant the wishes of a near-40-year-old, this would be my list.

Holiday Gift Guide Best Athleisure - Sonni

Holiday Gift Guide: All the Athleisure

Remember how, before having kids, you would wonder to yourself upon seeing a frazzled/screaming/disheveled/otherwise-batshit-crazy mom chasing her kids around the store/park/Starbucks in her trusty athleisure uniform and be all, “Ugh, that will NEVER be me.”