A Little Less Alone

I don’t want to over-post on this topic, because frankly it feels a little raw still. And I’m also not still very much feeling my way through the whole thing, so there’s no tidy end. But I want to share what’s been going on around here recently to make even one woman feel a little less alone.

On My Vanity: July

It’s that special time of month again! Let’s talk the star products that are taking up some well-deserved space on my vanity this July.

What the Universe Holds for You

A friend and I were talking this past week about a professional goal I’m trying to reach, when I realized that something crazy always happens to me every time I’ve got a big goal in my sights. I go go go; I charge toward what I perceive to be the finish line… and then… boom. Nothing.

Find Your Best Mom Style with Buru

There’s nothing harder than trying to put together an outfit with young kids in the house. Hello, distractions! But trust me, you can get out the door quickly and with style, and I think I’ve found the best way. Meet Buru.