Sarah Silverman Spits the Truth

On the surface, Sarah and I might seem like we have little in common. She’s a world-famous comedian, actor and single woman. I’m a stay/work-at-home mom, a former TV news anchor, and married with multiple kids.

6 Simple (Non-Expert) Tips to Declutter for Spring

My biological nesting urge from my third pregnancy, combined with the coming onset of the new season, has resulted in me lately being inspired to purge our household. The goal isn’t to pare down to bare minimum, but rather to eliminate some of the visual noise from our house as we welcome another human into our home, and to free up some much-needed mental space to raise said child.

When the Napping Days are Done

If you see me rocking back and forth in a random corner today, eyes closed and muttering soothing sounds to myself, it’s because I fear we are approaching a very not so easy milestone in our household these days.

Three Pink Things

There was a time not all that long ago where I thought I could change. I actually believed I could. I made promises. I dreamed big. I dug deep. I tried hard—so hard—to change my hoarding ways.

Lounge Wooden Stool

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The Cutest Toddler Girls’ Shoes EVER

Want to improve your mile time? Try putting shoes on a toddler every day, several times a day, for a few months. You’ll be doing laps around your house and whittle down to like a 6:30 mile in no time flat.

Get Familiar

Welcome to Get Familiar, a new regular post where I get to share with you all kinds of crap from all over the internet. Yay!

How to Be a Mom in 25 Simple Steps

Often when I overhear moms I know talking to their childless friends, they’re always all, “There’s no way to know what how crazy it is until you have kids yourself.”

When Nordstrom Writes Back

I’m grateful they heard us out! And as I said in my response to them, I do recognize fashion has to strike a balance sometimes between aspirational and attainable. But I do stand by my thigh gap comment. ?