Wise Words

I hope today you take a moment to listen to the only person who knows what’s best for you right now–yourself.

The Look of Things

One of the fun parts of working in television “having to” dress up every day for work. The hair, the makeup, the wardrobe (all three of which I was solely responsible for, so file with the Complaint Department at the front), it was kinda fun to have a job where one of my responsibilities was to look presentable.

I Quit

Maybe it was the beading sweat on my forehead and the look of sheer panic on my face. Maybe it was me muttering–to myself, I thought, but apparently not–“HOW did you do this??”

A Letter to My Kids on Valentine’s Day

Your family. The love of family is made of loyalty and constancy and sometimes, the deep and guttural desire to slap your brother/sister/mom/dad/etc. across the face out of extreme annoyance but I am here to say PLEASE PLEASE don’t do that.

Bossy Girls

As soon as I found out I was having a little girl people prepared me for how different they are from boys.

From Little to Big Things

I am a detail freak. Let me correct that. I WAS a detail freak, until I had kids and realized any semblance of control I ever thought I possessed was a farce. No Tooth Fairy, no Easter Bunny, no Control. (That howling wind sound you hear is the Universe laughing.)

Don’t Blink. Pass it on.

I remember strolling bleary-eyed through the aisles of Publix shortly after I had Sammy, and a stranger just blurted that out to me. It took me a second in my sleep-deprived state to grasp its meaning.

Vive l’amour

It used to be that Friday the 13th was a day of folkloric caution. Don’t walk under a ladder! Steer clear of the black cats! Don’t step on a crack! Never again will it be that innocent. As I—and many of you—tried to process what happened last Friday night, these kinds of thoughts dominated my …

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Boys Being “Boys”

Like the dark wood leaf table, the frayed black-and-white photos of relatives long gone and the bottles of Manischewitz lined up in the bar, it was always there in my Pap and Gram’s dining room, leaning against the corner.