Lounge Wooden Stool

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The Cutest Toddler Girls’ Shoes EVER

Want to improve your mile time? Try putting shoes on a toddler every day, several times a day, for a few months. You’ll be doing laps around your house and whittle down to like a 6:30 mile in no time flat.

Get Familiar

Welcome to Get Familiar, a new regular post where I get to share with you all kinds of crap from all over the internet. Yay!

How to Be a Mom in 25 Simple Steps

Often when I overhear moms I know talking to their childless friends, they’re always all, “There’s no way to know what how crazy it is until you have kids yourself.”

When Nordstrom Writes Back

I’m grateful they heard us out! And as I said in my response to them, I do recognize fashion has to strike a balance sometimes between aspirational and attainable. But I do stand by my thigh gap comment. ?

Dear Nordstrom…

Hey there! So, I hate to do this to you in public and all, but since I consider us friends (truthfully, I’m actually kind of obsessed with you), I have to shoot you straight. I found a little glitch on your website today. Actually, a big one. And it’s better this come from me than some stranger.

When I Found Out I Was Having a Boy

When you grow up in a “girl house” like I did, you naturally get used to doing girly things. Shopping. Dancing lessons. Cheerleading. Baton twirling. (DON’T JUDGE. I can pull a mean toss-up-turn-around to this day.)

Four Seasons Orlando Getaway Weekend

You know that feeling you get when you’ve done your seventeenth load of laundry in one day, the kids are smearing pudding all over your glass kitchen table and you haven’t showered in three days? One might call it… borderline insanity?