The 3 Month Check-In

I knew at some point it would happen, and today it did. When talking with a woman I’ve known for years asked how I was doing “not working,” and I said, “Great!” I got The Look. The “You Gotta Be Kidding Me, Lady” look.

On Fridays We #Twin

One of the small but not insignificant pleasures of having a daughter is forcing her to share your style, at least for a few years. 😛

The Post-Christmas Purge

Don’t get me wrong. I love the holiday season–the spirit and festiveness. I love the coziness of curling up on the couch as our Christmas tree glows in the corner, and everything about putting up the decorations for Christmas gets me in a great mood.

Pregnancy Skin Care 101

Today on the blog I wanted to talk about The Rules for skin care during pregnancy. We have to avoid lots of things, but there are lots of other affordable products out there, too, that can keep skin care woes that are unique to pregnancy at bay.