Botox 101

Me, demonstrating all the wrinkles you DON’T want

You know what having three kids in five years will give you LOTS of–besides incredible memories, tons of slobbery baby kisses and about a thousand pacifiers that *I promise you*, you will somehow NEVER be able to find at the exact moment when you and your wailing child need them? WRINKLES. Lots of wrinkles.

Blame the lack of sleep, the stress of trying (and failing) to get kids to school on time, and the actual keeping alive of another human being with interminable nursing, or any of the other bajillion reasons, but parenthood is stressful, man. And stress is just one of the factors that makes skin straight-up BLAH.

I can’t get Botox at the moment (see “interminable nursing” above), but as soon as this baby is weaned, you bet your bottom dollar that mama is headed face-first into a waiting needle or ten, eager to wipe off the visible effects of the past five years.

In a bid to get the best and most up-to-date info on Botox, I interviewed the awesome Dr. Ruth Yeilding of YMD Eye & Face, whose practice is in Winter Park, Florida, and she filled us in on everything we need to know to about Botox.

Consider this your Botox 101 course! Let’s cover the basics.

CHECK OUT THE VIDEO and read below for more!

Botox 101 - Sonni Abatta

Don’t Be Scared of the Needle!

Botox is an injectable, meaning it’s administered by syringe, which means (duh), a shot. But don’t be scared! The needle is tiny compared to what you’re probably used to with typical shots, and it’s a fairly quick ordeal.

…But Do Prepared for Quite a Few Sticks

On the other hand, you will likely need more than one injection, so prepare for that, and also for them to be done in areas that are kind of sensitive. Think: Right at the corners of your eyes, on your forehead, and maybe even other parts of your face. Check out the video to hear the different places Dr. Yeilding administers Botox to smooth out her patients’ faces.

Don’t Expect Immediate Results

Botox takes a few days to set in; most patients only experience the “freezing” effects starting days later. So it will likely be anywhere from 3-7 days before you see the full effects.

It Can Give You a Bit of a Lift, but Don’t Expect Miracles

Dr. Yeilding gets into this in detail in the video, so be sure to give it a listen, but here’s the gist: You can experience a slight lifted look along the brow line in particular, but it won’t mimic the more drastic effects of an actual surgical procedure.

Get Ready to Pony Up a Couple Times Per Year (at Least)

Like all good things, Botox can’t last forever. Prepare to schedule a couple appointments a year, since most women experience a slight wearing-off of the effects within anywhere from 3-6 months–that is, if you want to stay frozen. Some women prefer to let the freeze fade, and then go back to regular expression, the thought being that the short break you’ve given to those typically-contracting muscles will slow down the overall progression of aging.

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