But Does It Work? Facial Light Therapy Edition

It’s Beauty Tuesday, friends–that special day of the week where I find some of the most entertaining ways to waste money, all in the name of trying new beauty products and trends.

This week we are talking about facial light therapy, which has been lauded by its enthusiasts for clearing up acne, building collagen and helping with anti-aging, and reversing skin discoloration.

So, after reading these incredible claims, I’ll give you one guess as to what I did.

(Me = sucker.)

I found one for a reasonable price online, and immediately got to work. (Mine isn’t available anymore, but this one is similar.) I used my light device on red light for a couple weeks nightly, and I did notice an overall more luminous look to my skin. It’s impossible to say if it actually stimulated any collagen growth, but I can affirmatively say that my skin glowed more during those weeks. And so me? I’m sold.

I like to wear these silly little goggles and watch Netflix while “lighting.” My husband obviously loves this. (Sarcasm.)

But of course I had to get an expert opinion, because while I had a great experience with the device, it’s nice to hear from a doctor. We’ve heard from the awesome Dr. Matthew Knight, Orlando-based dermatologist, before, so I reached out to him to get his thoughts on this latest fad. Here’s his take:

“There might be some benefit, but they don’t do a lot, and there are a lot of claims with little hard science. This is especially true for lower powered retail devices. A lot of small studies or lab experiments that are hard to translate to real people. Put it down as a maybe for doing anything meaningful to your skin; they certainly don’t do anything major. It’s right up there with microdermabrasion and other spa treatments.”

So there you have it. I like mine and will continue to use it, but of course, you shouldn’t expect miracles. (That’s what Botox is for.)

‘Til next time, friends!

P.S. Apparently I like to use strange tools on my face; and here’s a quick five-minute makeup routine to keep you looking flawless.

Sonni Abatta is a mom of three, a beauty addicts, and runs this Orlando lifestyle and makeup blog (in addition to running after her children daily). Have questions, qualms or want to talk beauty? Reach out! Here’s how.

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