BYE, CORONA: Boost Your Immune System During the Quarantine with this Advice from an Integrative Doctor

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One of the best things about hosting a podcast is the ability to interview smart people who have actual good information to share. I’m all for a solo rant, or a tip or two on How to Organize Your Makeup Drawer (actually doing a similar post soon!); but first things first. Pandemics call for practical, useful information. So here goes.

I recently interviewed functional doctor Brooke Stuart on how to boost your immune system and calm your mind when you’re in #lockdownmode, and here are the big takeaways.

It's All About the Big Picture

While it’s impossible to predict whether or not we will be exposed to, and affected by, the coronavirus, there are some things we can do to control our risk and exposure. Social distancing is the first thing that most people are doing (you’re doing this, right?!), and I have personally found that following this advice–even though HOLY GOD is it hard with three young kids–it’s brought me tremendous peace of mind. Why? Because it’s something I can control, and those are precisely the kinds of things we need to be focusing on in otherwise uncertain times as these.

So do that, simply that: Do what you can. And try your damndest to let that be enough. (More on managing anxiety later!)

Boosting the Immune System with Supplements

  • Metagenics Ultra-Potent C
  • Apex Energetics GI-Synergy
  • Source Naturals Wellness Colloidal Silver Throat Spray
  • Now Foods Oregano Oil
  • Designs For Health Emulsi D3 Synergy Liquid
  • Pure Encapsulations Zinc Citrate

Now let’s save you 15%.

When you go to Brooke’s Fullscript site and quickly register, you can get all of these supplements for 15% off! Just register here, click Catalog, then Categories, then Immune Support to see these supplements listed.

And as a bonus, Brooke is offering free consultations right now so you can get personalized advice on what might be best for you!

Mantras for a Peaceful Mind

Okay, put aside your embarrassment over talking out loud to yourself for a moment. Mantras can be powerful, because when we hear or say something—especially repeatedly—to ourselves, we are more likely to ingest and believe it.

Here is Brooke’s mantra for how to get yourself in a positive headspace during these uncertain times:

I choose to return to the present moment and be here, now, where I belong, connected and receptive to myself and the process of life.

This is another simple way to reconnect with the present and let go of your worries about the future, and things you can’t control:

mantra to ease anxiety

Brooke and I also cracked up over this Batwings video, which she says is a good–if a little unconventional–stress relief. As the not-so-proud owner of batwings, I am going to be doing this puppy in lockdown on repeat.

Rest Goes Far

boosting immune system for coronavirus

It can feel impossible to quiet your mind enough to sit still, let alone rest, but as any doctor will tell you, proper sleep is essential for keeping your body healthy and able to fight off sickness.

Setting a new bedtime routine where you build in enough time to unwind can help you fall into quality sleep.

At nighttime I find that magnesium, this liquid nighttime supplement, and this CBD gel capsule taken over the course of several hours help me to relax for good, quality sleep.

Like Brooke says, Let Go and Grow

This isn’t a time to break out of the box and force yourself to be uncomfortable, so don’t stress about feeling less productive, or more emotional, than normal.

I’ve found the most solace in knowing that we are all in this together, and while we’re all struggling right now, we’ll also come out of it together, too.

Stay safe, stay safe, and stay home! Let me know in Comments below what you all are doing during this lockdown. And listen to the whole episode with Dr. Brooke Stuart below!


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