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My Workspace Essentials

If there is one guaranteed way to make my kids stop in their tracks–whatever they’re doing, however far from me, in whatever location in the entire Milky Way–and find their way to me to demand my immediate attention, it is to have me sit down and attempt to work. So when one has to be productive in short, intense bursts, you’ve got to make your workspace just right.

Why Do We Moms Want to Eat Our Babies?!

As someone who uses the word “delicious” to describe her baby more frequently than any other word, this is a question I’ve pondered quite a bit. And as it turns out, science can validate that I am not a complete freak show. (At least not in this regard.)

The One Phrase that Changed the Way I Parent

Sometimes I go on this here blog of mine and get ready to dish out some Grade-A Pearls of Wisdom on the art (hah.) of parenting, and then immediately think to myself: “Charlatan! How can someone whose child regularly fishes for invisible toys in public toilets think of herself as any level of parenting ‘expert?!'”

Merry Christmas, from Our Family to Yours!

Sometimes being surrounded by the material gifts this holiday brings always makes me snap back to what matters most, and it’s never what’s under the Christmas tree, but who’s around it.

What a Mom (Really) Wants for Christmas

What a Mom (Really) Wants for Christmas

It’s been a while since I believed in the Big Guy in the Red Suit myself, but having kids has made me appreciate the Christmas season in a whole new light. That being said, if there did happen to be an overweight man with a penchant for red fleece-lined suits living at the northernmost corner of our planet, just waiting with bated breath to grant the wishes of a near-40-year-old, this would be my list.

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Just Wondering: What Would You Want a New Mom to Know?

Everywhere, we see new mothers. At the store, newborns snugged into carriers, their tiny, soft faces wilted into their mothers’ chests. In strollers, snugged and bundled against the cold, tiny eyes peeking out from under hats. Everywhere and always, heart-wrenchingly adorable.