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Why I Keep My Skin Care “Safer”

It clearly wasn’t enough for me to cut my wardrobe effectively in half, purge tons of my kids’ toys and basically tried to Kondo-fy my entire existence… Now, I’m targeting my real problem zone.

Loving Right Now: 5 Safer Skincare Products

As you know, I gladly sacrifice my dermal integrity and the stability of my budget on a regular basis to test out beauty products, because hey, everyone needs to feel like they are contributing in some meaningful way to this world, and if that means randomly breaking out in hives to do so, I’m your girl.

Apply Your Skin Care Products Like This

Ask my circle of friends, and they will agree: I’m not the one in the group known to be particularly on-time, particularly good with remembering important dates, or particularly anything-that-has-to-do-with-having-a-functioning-brain.

Haircare Hacks for Healthier Locks

I remember being young and swimming with my mom at the pool, and every time we went into the pool she would insist on keeping her head out of the water and her hair dry. I also remember thinking, How lame.