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Simple Clean Beauty Swaps

Full disclosure: The term “clean” for beauty products is much debated. Some companies use it to advertise products that are free of parabens only; others use that term to mean their products are free of a sweeping list of ingredients. (For example, see Beautycounter’s list.)

It’s the Little Things… and Green Tea. Lots of Green Tea

After I posted yesterday about the importance of finding joy in our days, I realized it’s the small things in my day that I often find the most pleasure in. And paramount on my list of Favorite Things are food and drinks–specifically, carbs and tea, my two favorite specific types of said categories.

Three Pink Things

There was a time not all that long ago where I thought I could change. I actually believed I could. I made promises. I dreamed big. I dug deep. I tried hard—so hard—to change my hoarding ways.