Washington DC with Young Kids

Let me just get right to the point: Traveling with three young kids is a complete shit show. But a fun shit show! And one that can provide you with endless stories to regale them with for years to come!

About That House…

Hello, friends! So, a bit of a personal post today, and an update to something big that’s going on in our lives. If you follow my Instagram, you may have seen over the last few weeks in my Stories that we are expecting something BIG in our near future!!! NO… no more babies! Haha. But …

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Happy Father’s Day!

It’s Father’s Day weekend! Just wanted to check in and say that I hope you and the fatherly figures in your life are celebrating. On this blog and in the world, we give moms a lot of the credit for all the kid- and family-related work, but dads are toiling away in the background and …

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The Birth Story

It is 2am. You are standing in a drafty hospital room, naked except for a paper-thin robe. A nurse just finished sticking you with a needle and popping one of a vein in one of your hands. (Surprisingly painful.) You haven’t slept in 20 hours.

Why Hello There

Currently I’m working on keeping my new tiny human alive, and I’m also writing up the story of the baby’s birth.

The First Week

It’s been a week since we welcomed little Sicilia to our family, and so far, the big kids seem to absolutely love her! I’m sure it helped that we welcomed her by bringing home cupcakes and singing “Happy Birthday” to her, which the big kids absolutely loved. Anyone who brings them sugar gets a big thumbs up. 😀 No sign of any jealousy or frustration, not at least at this point.