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All the things that make your life and the space you live in just a little bit prettier.

My New Venture

Quick: What’s the one thing you should do when you feel like your plate is so full that it’s actually spilling over to the edge, sort of smeared and smashed onto the countertop, and piling up in little bits onto the floor below?

Kitchen Reveal

Let me start off by saying, my kitchen has only looked this clean once, and that was for the half hour it took to take these pictures.

Palm Print Everything

That’s right; this Pittsburgh native has been converted to a full-on sunshine-loving, winter-fearing, palm-tree-loving, AC-seeking Sunshine State Gal.

10 Things

So you may have seen it on my stories if you follow me on Instagram, but we went to the Indianapolis 500 with some family this past weekend, and I think I’m just now getting back on track with sleep and our schedules since getting home early Monday morning.

5 Playroom Essentials

Playroom: [pley-room, -roo m] Noun. A room to stash your kids so you can finally go to the bathroom alone. But only for 45 seconds. Because they will find you. (They always find you.)

Life Around Here

So. Much. Happening. So much, in fact, that I can’t even come up with a wittier intro to this post than that. Let’s get on with it! Here’s what’s been happening around these parts lately…

Just a Couple More Days

Here are some things that don’t mix: packing up an entire household; tending to three children ages 5 and under; ear infections; and the inability to string together more than four consecutive hours of sleep for days on end.