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I Marie Kondo’ed my Closet and This is What Happened (Part One)

I am one of those people who, when the mood strikes to do something, must do it. Like NOW. This goes for many things–writing; eating leftover Publix birthday cake straight out of the fridge; and apparently decluttering and organizing. So a couple weeks ago I did what everyone else in America is doing right now–I went straight up Marie Kondo on my closet.

Cozy Up, California-Style

When you have young kids, you learn to work as a team. One partner usually ends up being better at, say, getting the kids to bed; and the other ends up being better at, say, getting up at the crack of dawn with them. I fall into the former category.

My Workspace Essentials

If there is one guaranteed way to make my kids stop in their tracks–whatever they’re doing, however far from me, in whatever location in the entire Milky Way–and find their way to me to demand my immediate attention, it is to have me sit down and attempt to work. So when one has to be productive in short, intense bursts, you’ve got to make your workspace just right.

No More Couch Blankets (and Other Resolutions for 2019)

It’s hard for me to be too deliberate about New Years’s resolutions and all, what with the general and total lack of control I feel in my life (JOKE! …Kind of.), but when I get down to brass tacks I start to realize that I am in dire need of improvement in certain areas of my life–namely organization–and what better time to start pretending I’m someone else than at the start of the new year… amiright?!


5 Things

No time for ten things, so let’s cut that crap in halfsies and go! Here are 5 Things I’m loving or otherwise up to…

My New Venture

Quick: What’s the one thing you should do when you feel like your plate is so full that it’s actually spilling over to the edge, sort of smeared and smashed onto the countertop, and piling up in little bits onto the floor below?

Kitchen Reveal

Let me start off by saying, my kitchen has only looked this clean once, and that was for the half hour it took to take these pictures.