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What Drives You?

You may have noticed that a few weeks back, I relaunched my blog. I thought the site should better encapsulate what I’m trying to cover: mom stuff, life stuff, and some pretty stuff sprinkled in between. You know, just like the tagline says.

Lord (and Lady) of the Rings

I tend to be a real holdout when it comes to new technologies. Early adopter, I am not…So when it came to the Apple Watch—or any other “smart” watch—I wasn’t exactly eager to try that technology either. Like, ever.

Do You Batch?

Usually my days are a mix of Kid Stuff—like school dropoff/pickup, snacks, playdates, meals, activities—and Me Stuff. Admittedly, there seems to be a lot less time for the latter. 😀

The Calm After the Storm

The simmering anxiety I felt in the days leading up to Irma, as we prepared as best we could, was an unfamiliar thing to me. I’m not typically an nervous person, nor do I dwell too much on worst case scenarios. So the whole drawn-out, exhausting process of hurricane prep kinda got to me.

The Hurricane

It’s a strange thing, living in Florida. We get these hurricanes, right? These massive, life-destroying forces that like to swing through juuuuust when we are getting ready to say goodbye to summer and gratefully welcome the cooler temperatures and calmer weather patterns of fall.

Catching Up

It’s no secret that being productive at home, while you also have three kids age four and under at home is, well, hard. Did you ever try to run really fast in dry sand, but your feet keep sinking down so therefore you can’t actually move forward very fast at all?