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The Books I’m Loving Lately

You know what pregnancy is good for? Forcing you to sit. Like, for extended periods of time. When you otherwise wouldn’t dream of doing so, you find yourself crashing on the couch, or crawling into bed at 8:15 (and not moving again until the next morning—multiple pee breaks not included).

Baby #3’s Nursery Reveal!

Decorating isn’t one of my “things.” One might aptly file my previous forays into interior furnishings under “Sheer Necessity” and “You’ve Got to Put Some Damn Things in This Room or Your Kid Won’t Have Anywhere to Sleep.”

Hell Yeah I Bought a Minivan

Since buying our first swaggin’ wagon, I have come to realize something: There are two types of people in this world—people who care what you think about their car, and people who get minivans. I am the latter.

6 Simple (Non-Expert) Tips to Declutter for Spring

My biological nesting urge from my third pregnancy, combined with the coming onset of the new season, has resulted in me lately being inspired to purge our household. The goal isn’t to pare down to bare minimum, but rather to eliminate some of the visual noise from our house as we welcome another human into our home, and to free up some much-needed mental space to raise said child.