To me, it boils down to this: strength in storytelling

I believe we all end up a little stronger when we share our stories about this hardest—and best—journey of life called motherhood. Here you’ll find my thoughts, experiences and interviews with experts to help us all muddle through these crazy beautiful days.

Birthdays and New Beginnings

It was four years ago at this very moment that I was in the final stages of the “pushing” part of my labor, and mere hours away from being rolled into the operating room–shaking like a leaf from all the medication–for an emergency c-section, to welcome my son. My first baby.

The Week in Pictures

Well, it was our last week of winter vacation, which means we were busy hitting up all sorts of fun places for the kids, all over Central Florida. The science center, Disney Springs, countless parks, Magic Kingdom, the hair salon for a little back-to-school trim, and more. Oh, and we also got a peek at our still-baking Baby Girl #2.  🙂

The 3 Month Check-In

I knew at some point it would happen, and today it did. When talking with a woman I’ve known for years asked how I was doing “not working,” and I said, “Great!” I got The Look. The “You Gotta Be Kidding Me, Lady” look.

On Fridays We #Twin

One of the small but not insignificant pleasures of having a daughter is forcing her to share your style, at least for a few years. 😛

Pregnancy Skin Care 101

Today on the blog I wanted to talk about The Rules for skin care during pregnancy. We have to avoid lots of things, but there are lots of other affordable products out there, too, that can keep skin care woes that are unique to pregnancy at bay.