To me, it boils down to this: strength in storytelling

I believe we all end up a little stronger when we share our stories about this hardest—and best—journey of life called motherhood. Here you’ll find my thoughts, experiences and interviews with experts to help us all muddle through these crazy beautiful days.

A Letter to My Kids on Valentine’s Day

Your family. The love of family is made of loyalty and constancy and sometimes, the deep and guttural desire to slap your brother/sister/mom/dad/etc. across the face out of extreme annoyance but I am here to say PLEASE PLEASE don’t do that.

Bossy Girls

As soon as I found out I was having a little girl people prepared me for how different they are from boys.

Don’t Blink. Pass it on.

I remember strolling bleary-eyed through the aisles of Publix shortly after I had Sammy, and a stranger just blurted that out to me. It took me a second in my sleep-deprived state to grasp its meaning.

Boys Being “Boys”

Like the dark wood leaf table, the frayed black-and-white photos of relatives long gone and the bottles of Manischewitz lined up in the bar, it was always there in my Pap and Gram’s dining room, leaning against the corner.

On Parenting and Pee

I haven’t checked my mail yet today, but I’m pretty sure when I get it, my Mother of the Year certificate will be there waiting. Sarcasm. See that picture? That is a wet shoe, drying in the sun.

On Your First Birthday, Sweet Daughter

Thank you for the sweet giggles and the slobbery kisses. Thank you for always sharing your half-chewed food with me from your high chair. Thank you for your sassiness and your grumpiness and for always reminding your older brother that just because he’s a boy and he’s bigger than you, it doesn’t always mean he’s in charge. (A good lesson to hold onto for later in life, too, actually.)

The Great Flight North

So when you see El Toddler running up and down the aisle, tearing holes in the carpet; or the baby rips off the glasses of our unsuspecting seat mate; or me, clawing past passengers to lock myself alone in the bathroom, just remind me, it’s only a couple hours.

In Praise of Ketchup

These are probably glaringly obvious to the more seasoned mothers out there, but I have compiled a list of helpful tips for moms of little ones.

On Apples and Babies

I’ve always been a gawker. My sister has called me out on this time and time again, since childhood. “Son, stop! You’re staring again!!”

10 Small Bits of Advice for My Baby Girl

Parenthood is an exercise in patience. Raising boys is often physically exhausting (how many times can one child climb the same chair/sofa/random body of furniture in any given day? DOZENS is the answer.)