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New Years resolutions The New Year's Word

The New Year’s Word

Happy new year, friends! Looking back on 2019, I have deep gratitude for the things that I have seen bloom and grow, the result of work and love. As years go, 2019 was both great and also tough. I saw loss, dealt with health issues of those close to me, and struggled to carve out …

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On Friends, and Memories

There are specific periods of your life where friendships imprint on you the most. Usually, it’s at the beginning of something big and/or scary. Kindergarten friends we end up keeping for life come to mind, as do summer camp pals, the odd activity-related friend, too. And because few things are as big and scary as …

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chantecaille frangipane lipstick

Life Lately and Links

There are so many things to catch up on–from products I’m loving, to things I’m reading. Let’s do a little Life Lately and Links! Using When my sister and I were younger, we would laugh when my mom would take out her tiny little lipstick case to reapply her vibrant red orange lipstick after eating …

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PMS after kids

Life Lately and Links

I genuinely feel that the alternate title for this post should be, “PMS after kids is the biggest B of all B’s.” And I’m only abbreviating on the off (very off, because #smalltimeblogger and all) chance that someone peripherally related to my children’s education will read this and think that I am unhinged. For the …

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a person in an anxious state of mind

The What If Bomb

I was Instagram DM’ing with a friend last week when I accidentally came up with the most accurate phrase yet to describe my state of mind. I told her that lately, I have been a walking, talking, swiftly-ticking “What If bomb.” Other parents might know what a What If bomb is; I know most mothers …

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