There are lots more important things going on in this world than beauty and fashion; here’s where we talk about them.

One Brick at a Time

I love being able to share with you all the big milestones in my life. It’s not my style to shy away from uncomfortable or personal topics, and I love hearing from all of you about everything from motherhood to fashion and beauty products, the work/life “balance” (quotation marks because HELLO, you big lie of a phrase!), and all the other changes and transitions that life doles out.

First Kid vs. Next Kids

So, here we are, 30 weeks into our third pregnancy, and somehow, we have defied all odds and done absolutely nothing to get ready for this baby girl. *pats self on back for much-enjoyed laziness*

Get Familiar

Because I revel in irony–particularly in the realm of politics, where sanctimony is served for breakfast, lunch and dinner–please enjoy this. Imagine: A politician criticizing another politician for doing something, and then getting caught doing it him/herself.

Sarah Silverman Spits the Truth

On the surface, Sarah and I might seem like we have little in common. She’s a world-famous comedian, actor and single woman. I’m a stay/work-at-home mom, a former TV news anchor, and married with multiple kids.

Dear Nordstrom…

Hey there! So, I hate to do this to you in public and all, but since I consider us friends (truthfully, I’m actually kind of obsessed with you), I have to shoot you straight. I found a little glitch on your website today. Actually, a big one. And it’s better this come from me than some stranger.

When I Found Out I Was Having a Boy

When you grow up in a “girl house” like I did, you naturally get used to doing girly things. Shopping. Dancing lessons. Cheerleading. Baton twirling. (DON’T JUDGE. I can pull a mean toss-up-turn-around to this day.)