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Dear Nordstrom…

Hey there! So, I hate to do this to you in public and all, but since I consider us friends (truthfully, I’m actually kind of obsessed with you), I have to shoot you straight. I found a little glitch on your website today. Actually, a big one. And it’s better this come from me than some stranger.

When I Found Out I Was Having a Boy

When you grow up in a “girl house” like I did, you naturally get used to doing girly things. Shopping. Dancing lessons. Cheerleading. Baton twirling. (DON’T JUDGE. I can pull a mean toss-up-turn-around to this day.)

Birthdays and New Beginnings

It was four years ago at this very moment that I was in the final stages of the “pushing” part of my labor, and mere hours away from being rolled into the operating room–shaking like a leaf from all the medication–for an emergency c-section, to welcome my son. My first baby.