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Interviews, my talks with cool people, and sometimes even my ill-fated attempts at humor.

Past Lives, Future Plans

Wow, has this past year flown. This blog is where I landed after I left TV, and I started it for several reasons. Writing has always been my first passion, and I believe so, so much in the power of storytelling, and story-sharing. And over the past year since I’ve launched this blog, I’ve learned so much not only about how to manage a digital space, but also about my own voice, the power of storytelling, and the beautiful community that can crop up when you share your own stories and experiences.

Dog Lovers Welcome at The Alfond Inn!

When I recently toured The Alfond Inn in Winter Park, Florida, I was delighted to learn that you can bring your furry little best friend with you to stay at the hotel, and boy, do they have some awesome amenities for him.