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Summer State of Mind

Do you think it’s some sort of survival instinct that I am looking past the (likely incredibly painful, potentially reallllly long) process of actual childbirth and planning already for the months beyond it?

See You at the Beach

One of the many things lots of people associate Florida with is the beach and sunshine. And rightfully so. It’s rarely not vacation weather here, no matter the time of year, and while not all of us live along the beach, most are within reasonable driving distance. We are. But it’s rare I muster up the courage …

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The Cutest Toddler Girls’ Shoes EVER

Want to improve your mile time? Try putting shoes on a toddler every day, several times a day, for a few months. You’ll be doing laps around your house and whittle down to like a 6:30 mile in no time flat.

When Nordstrom Writes Back

I’m grateful they heard us out! And as I said in my response to them, I do recognize fashion has to strike a balance sometimes between aspirational and attainable. But I do stand by my thigh gap comment. ?

Maternity Clothes Delivered! The BUMPStyle Box Review

Pregnancy is an amazing, but strange, time. Your body is growing, your mind and memory is starting to slip away (hiya, Mom Brain!), and you can’t fit into your damn clothes anymore, and yet everything you see in maternity clothing stores seems to be absurdly expensive or just not your style.