CBD Lotion for Your Feet… It WORKS

lord jones cbd foot cream does it work

CBD is everywhere these days, especially in beauty products. It’s hard to figure out if a product with the ingredient actually works. That’s why I’m here.

Andrew and I went to a wedding recently–one of the few times that I will wear heels these days for an extended period of time. Guys, I just CAN’T with heels these days. 21-year-old Sonni would be pointing and laughing in my face right now, but it’s true… My feet just can’t hang anymore. #thisis38 

So I knew that if I was going to spend the whole night on my feet, I would need to do some preventive damage control to make sure that I could walk the next day. Because AIN’T NOT BREAKS in that mom life, sister. You know this.

I came across an article on Lord Jones’ x Tamara Mellon CBD Stiletto Cream in a magazine, and the writer–who used it during fashion week, no less–had nothing but amazing things to say about it. That sold me. Being the dance floor machine that I am (like, it’s embarrassing, but I fully own it), I knew I had to try something to prevent me from wanting to kick my shoes off by the end of the night. And also the aforementioned next-day-foot-pain which just won’t fly around here.

Let’s get specific!

lord jones cbd foot cream does it work

Lord Jones CBD Lotion for Your Feet: What to Know


Yes, It Works

I wouldn’t have gone out of my way to write this post if it didn’t. If a product doesn’t work, I won’t crow about it; but when it does, I have to share it. So yes, this lotion does work. How? Each tube (50ml) contains 200mg of CBD, which serves to help dull the pain that some can experience from wearing high heels.

No, You Won't Get High

Maybe this is a bad thing in your opinion (no judgment here), but no, you don’t experience a high from using products with CBD. Most don’t contain THC, the ingredient that causes that high sensation.

This Lord Jones CBD lotion is made with broad-spectrum CBD grown in the United States, and it contains no psychoactive ingredients. No high, just happy feet.

It Doesn't Make Your Feet Slimy

My initial concern was that applying a lotion to my feet, especially without socks, would make my feet feel slimy and sweaty. Not so–at all–with this lotion.

When applied as directed, which is a nickel-sized amount per foot, applied long enough ahead of time to allow it to soak it, it does just that. I applied it, then waited about ten minutes to put on my heels, and it was absolutely fine.

lord jones foot lotion review
lord jones cbd foot cream does it work sonni abatta

Have you tried CBD products for your feet? If so, what works for you? Help a sister out!


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