CBD Products to Take Off the Edge

I’m not saying it’s wonderful to be the mom who is saying, at a decibel level of 1,000, “CAN EVERYONE JUST STOP TALKING FOR FIVE MINUTES???”, but I am saying that I am that mom.

(Pausing while you judge.)

But seriously. Guys, the daily anxiety of rearing three people not bound for serial-killerdom is real. And it’s hard. And sometimes mama needs a quick way to find a little peace.

And that way is with CBD-infused products.

Is the effect real, or is it, in the words of The Temptations, just my imagination?

Who knows! Placebo effect or real, I am sold on CBD-infused products because for me, they work. And they might for you too.

Let’s dive in!

Dram apothecary cbd drops

Dram Apothecary was the first CBD-infused brand I tried--specifically, their Lemongrass Adaptogenic CBD Sparkling Water--but these drops are great too.

Put a few into your favorite drink--water, iced tea or coffee, and enjoy the newly-found sense of not-even-kids-peeing-on-the-floor-could-stress-me-out relaxation.

sagely naturals cbd tranquility roll-on

No joke, I carry this with me everywhere when I'm PMS-ing. I'm not embarrassed to say that I can be a little... let's call it tense... during that time of the month.
I just swipe this onto my temples and the inner crease of my elbows for instant relief. It's CBD-infused, but also has the benefits of aromatherapy because of the lavender, citrus and chamomile oils in there. Grab it up, seriously.

cannuka cbs nourishing body cream

A CBD- and honey-infused body cream that is so rich it feels like it should come out of a tub. I love this. Think of it more like a body butter with therapeutic properties. If you have any residual soreness from working out, this would be a great option to help soothe your muscles!

Have you tried any CBD-infused products? What do you think: Do they work? Drop me your thoughts in Comments below!

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