Chillin’ Out Max and Relaxin’ All Cool

Despite the title of this post, I’m not singing The Fresh Prince theme song over here. The “relaxin” I’m talking about has nothing to do with shootin’ some b-ball outside of the school.

It does, however, have something to do with pushing a basketball-sized baby out of my body in a few short weeks.

…Wait, is there a mansion, a rich uncle, and a transfer to the West Coast involved in this version?

So, “relaxin.” What is it?

According to my extensive internet research (I googled three things), this tricky stuff can kick in at various points during one’s pregnancy, but it seems that for me and my pregnancy, it kicked in like five minutes ago. And by five minutes ago, I mean this morning, when I was putting away clothes in my bedroom.

I moved a certain way and felt a pain that stopped me mid-sock-fold. You might say it felt like the soreness one experiences after a workout, but when one doesn’t work out, surely it must mean something else.

Relaxin, welcome to the party!

The website What to Expect had the most entertaining definition:

“You may be cursing it now for your aching hips and horrible heartburn) plus all those other gastrointestinal discomforts), but when you’re trying to push out your baby’s impossibly big head, you can thank relaxin for doing its job. As the name implies, relaxin relaxes the body’s muscles, joints and ligaments.”

By the way, What to Expect, thanks for the “impossibly big head” touch. I needed that visual.

More or less, this kid is getting ready to evict herself.

Now, I could be wrong, and I very well may be, but something tells me she might be coming sooner than her technical due date, which is a month from now.

So on that note, I am starting the official Packing of the Hospital Bag tomorrow.

For me, this includes a short list of essentials, including but not limited to shoving an entire deli plate in my hospital bag because OH MY LORD PLEASE NO ONE TRY TO FEED ME ICE CHIPS IN LABOR AND TELL ME THIS QUALIFIES AS “FOOD AND DRINK” EVER AGAIN.

Just kidding. I’m not going to smuggle in deli meat. Only a box of Ritz crackers and some Girl Scout cookies.

And while I have a trusty bag I’ve used for both of my previous labors that has served me well, I can’t help but drool over these other bag options, which are stylish, roomy and almost cute enough to make me forget that I would be packing said bag to prepare for the capital P “Pain” that’s coming my way.

Here they are!

Birdling Weekender in Washed Olive

Love the color, love the lines, love that it’s called “Birdling.” Because that’s cute.

Mossimo Polka Dot Weekender Handbag

A super affordable option that also comes in the cutest pattern

JuJuBe Legacy Starlet Medium Duffel Bag in The First Lady

A classic look in a durable material

Be back soon to talk all about a few must-haves I like to pack in the hospital bag! …if I make it that long before going into labor…

Sonni Abatta is a mother of two and runs an Orlando lifestyle and mom blog. Have a story idea? Let’s collaborate! Reach out at

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