Colorful and Cute Back-to-School Clothes For Little Girls

I mean it when I say I literally limped over the finish line of summer this year.

My figurative Achilles heel was torn. My energy completely spent. Muscles aching. Ready. For. Routine. Again.

Yes, it was a full and crazy and wonderful summer, but it was long. And mama’s tired.

The kiddos started school last week (Bonus: I didn’t forget my daughter’s first day of school this year!), and we have all been adjusting to their new schedules and getting things ready for their new school years. Because we are in a new school and I was more focused on getting them acquainted with their new setup, I procrastinated back-to-school shopping a bit.

The good? The kids love their new school and their teachers and friends!

The not-so-good? The exhaustion. They are SO wiped by the time I pick them up that my daughter struggles to keep her eyes open on the drive home from school. Ha, poor thing!

But I’m so glad to have them all settled and happy; that’s the most important part! Now to fill up their closets with cute–but more importantly comfortable–clothes so they can get through the year. We keep it pretty casual. Especially with younger kids who tear through the playground, I don’t want pieces that are too precious or expensive, since they will most likely end up with some dirt and paint on them.

And since my kiddos still have to wear sneakers to school, I always look for cute pieces that will go well with play shoes. These tutu dresses especially look cute with sneakers!

Just wanted to share these adorable and colorful pieces I found for back to school for little girls, with a couple of our favorites thrown in! My baby girl has been loving these pink suede Puma sneakers especially, and there’s a similar pair on sale here at Nordstrom Rack for $26!!

And we don’t need backpacks this year for the kids, but I wish we did because this pink floral one is so adorable.

Enjoy, and good luck with back to school!

Puma Kids Suede Heart Sneakers // Lacoste Kids Spirit Velcro Shoes // Old Navy Banana Tutu Dress // Scoop-Back Tutu Dress in Plum // Appliqué Jersey Shorts with Rainbows // “Brave” Sweatshirt // Pom Pom Hair Bows // Unicorn Sweatshirt // Light Blue Jeans with Splatter Print // Dakine Canvas Pink Backpack

Princess dresses also totally acceptable


Do you have any back-to-school wardrobe favorites? Let me know in Comments below!

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