Cozy Up, California-Style

When you have young kids, you learn to work as a team. One partner usually ends up being better at, say, getting the kids to bed; and the other ends up being better at, say, getting up at the crack of dawn with them.

I fall into the former category.

Every morning around here looks the same: My husband is usually up with the early risers (typically the big kids), and because I’ve spent the night up and down with the little one, he graciously lets me get in some more zz’s while she is snuggled up with me in bed.

Thank God for modern husbands. 😉

I always laugh that the baby is like a tiny adult because when she wakes up in our bed with us, she’s inevitably lying her head on a pillow, covered up with a blanket, all snug just like a grownup.

They say each baby grows up faster, and that’s true; this little one is seriously ready to be a big girl.

Further proof? She absolutely loves snuggling up in bed with us. Forget the crib; this one is ready for the big leagues!

Of course having the perfect sheets makes all the difference in good sleep–not only for them, but also for me!

We’ve been using and loving this set from California Design Den.

Soft, 100% cotton and white (a MUST because, you know, #kids and stuff means I am always using bleach on our fabrics). And the best part? The whole set is under $50!

I always make sure to have several sheet sets clean all the time, because we have to change them even more frequently than once a week sometimes because the kids are always crawling in and out of our bed.

Here are a few great things about sheet sets from California Design Den:

  • They’re factory-direct, which means no middleman–and no middleman pricing
  • Risk-free 30 day trial
  • Available to purchase (with quick shipping!) at great retailers like Amazon, or directly from their site
  • They come in multiple colors that are sure to match any bedroom decor

At this price you can have a few sets on hand all the time!

Comfy sheets on hand all the time = happy mama



Who else has a little one that likes to snuggle in bed? Tell me I’m not the only one with a 1-, going on 10-year-old!

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