Moto Pants For the Win! Or, Doing Literally Nothing in My Activewear

Have you seen this video? I’ll pause while you watch it.

If that doesn’t make you lose control of your already-wrecked Mom Bladder, then we can’t be friends.

Or, we can, but I will still demand you watch it and at least pretend to laugh because seriously I die a little more every time I do.

And also, every time I put on “activewear,” or “athleisure,” as it’s more glamorously called, I sing this song.

Anyhow… you know I love me some cute workout gear, and for this installment of The Style Project (Reclaiming My Misplaced Fashion, One Non-Maternity Piece of Clothing at a Time!, Since 2018), this pair of moto leggings from Athleta has got me all sorts of excited. They are, quite simply, awesome.

They have zippers on the hips and stitch detailing on the calf that make them a tad dressier than your normal leggings, and that’s what makes them so cute to dress up or down.

I have it paired with this layering tank and my all-time favorite black leather jacket from Trouvé (this jacket deserves a post all its own, because it seriously is The. Ish.)

Love this look for a quick workout that transitions to a day outside with the kids, or for any day that requires you to be both comfortable and stylish–AKA every day.











Do you have any comfy/stylish staples? Let me know in Comments below! I love hearing from you guys!



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